Jul 14, 2021
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Sustaining the interest of students in online classes

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With the present trend of online classes, it is quite challenging for teachers to keep up the interest levels of students. It also depends on the age groups of the students. If the teacher is using a specific app, it is very important to actually discuss the working of the app. This will remove confusions if any. The students should also be told about the difference between an online class and a physical setting.

Not all Work and no Play

To just jump into the lesson may not work all the times. So, it is better to have lighter session before beginning the actual lesson. This may include forming groups and asking them to come with any topic of their interest. One among the group may present the ideas.

Story Time 

Another one could be the group asking other the questions related to the previous day’s lesson. This could also build a positive competitive spirit among the students. The teacher also can come with an inspiring story/ anecdote. The next day one of the students can narrate it with his/ her opinion on the story. The teacher can also begin a story and ask students to suggest the ending the next day. But all these activities should be taken up cautiously keeping in mind the time limit.

Let’s Talk!

Students can also be given time to speak to each other on the virtual platform. They can have a conversation about their favorite topics. The etiquette of the virtual platform demands that teachers have to readjust their procedures. If the class turns unruly, shouting literally doesn’t work. The tone and intonation have to be adjusted accordingly. Understanding the concerns of the students positively and interacting with them lovingly will definitely work and it also builds the trust of the students. Intermittent counseling also will also have a good result.

Surprise Quiz

When the class is progressing, and if there is loss of concentration on the part of the students, then, the teacher can just halt the class. a surprise quiz may be conducted on the lesson that was going on and some students are sure to respond. This will bring them onto the track. They may also be asked to jot down questions that have one-liners as answers. This can be challenging. Groups may be formed for the same and marks allotted to each group.

The proper Prep

Proper preparation for the session is very important for the teacher. A schedule for the entire session should be made which should also include some activities to arrest their attention and divert them from becoming undisciplined. Search engines can also come handy as and when necessary. Students can be given a time limit to search for the meaning of a word and those who do it within the stipulated time may be offered an appreciation. Those who don’t also have to be encouraged by guiding them regarding the same.


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