Jul 1, 2021
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The Handy Math Answer To Exercise Guide

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Nothing can turn off kids faster to learning math than if the lesson is poorly taught. Getting a mathematics answer for a lot of kids can be hard. If your kid experiences this, there is a solution to try to help them learn this very important skill for life, a math CD to use at home. You need to look for CDs that meet certain criteria for your child to get the right answer every time. In other words, buy one that will connect them, and not irritate them when trying to find the right math answer.

Most kids can use a little extra help with math, and it’s possible to find a CD that will engage their minds, and they’ll want to find the math answer. Your job is not to find just any CD that teaches math, but one that’s accepted by real educators. Talk with your kid’s teacher if necessary, or even ask several math educators for their advice and opinion. Good programs are self paced and are engaging to the mind, so your kid will want to find a math answer. Also, look for one that has clearly defined categories and age appropriate.

Instruction that uses games to help in math is one of the best teaching tools. However, be sure to find out if the games help them understand a real life world connection, and its overall application. Puzzles, matrixes and reading problems are the best type of computer workouts they can get when using the material. Find out if a math answer is provided for each question too. If you don’t they won’t know if it’s right, unless you know.

It’s okay to have them read and learn from the computer, but make sure it can print out work sheets to help them work on finding a math answer. Putting pencil to paper reinforces and imprints the steps through visual and physical activity. Take the time to go over their work with them, and give them that human one to one support on knowing the process of finding a math answer. Besides, your child needs a little praise, when trying something new, or to find a tough math answer.

You’ll need to make sure that efforts are rewarded when they do get the question right. An award printout that they can hang on their wall, gives them a lot of encouragement. The instruction CD should provide a way for your kid to slowly work up to more difficult levels, and at the same time not discourages them with too much at once. Finding the math answer gradually is the best way to practice. Who knows, your kid with your help might just be the next math genius.

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