May 17, 2024
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HOST eLearning Platform

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The HOST eLearning Platform Web and Mobile (Android & IOS) Applications launched by Mindhosts by introducing a new concept of ‘Virtual Academic Management System’ that replicates the total physical academic management in all the Education Institutes.

One major challenge that was taken into consideration while curating the project was ensuring that the educational platform is user-friendly for all stakeholders, including those with minimal computer or smartphone knowledge. The HOST eLearning Platform would be instrumental in easily bridging that gap by digitally transforming the education system from conventional method to hybrid method with ease.

The integration of technology in education is of paramount importance from the global perspective of education. In an era where technology shapes the landscape of education, the challenge of bridging the digital divide persists, especially among educators with minimal computer or smartphone knowledge.

 The HOST eLearning Platform Web and Mobile Applications have been designed by Mindhosts keeping in view this digital divide, to address this gap.

The platform’s intuitive interface and terminology derived from conventional education methods make it accessible to all stakeholders (headmasters, teachers, administrators, students and all administrative staff) ensuring ease of use and familiarity.

For many educators and administrators, navigating complex eLearning platforms can be daunting. Recognizing this barrier, Mindhosts has developed the HOST eLearning Platform, prioritizing simplicity without compromising functionality.

HOST eLearning Platform
Hybrid Organized System Training

When a user runs through the platform’s friendly features, it could be easily found that the HOST eLearning Platform has been designed to empower all stake-holders either with a little or no technological background.

Simplicity in Design:

  • The HOST eLearning Platform boasts a clean and intuitive interface, minimizing clutter and confusion.
  • Navigation menus are straightforward, with clearly labelled features and its applications.
  • Users can easily locate and access essential features without extensive training or technical knowledge.

Familiar Terminology:

A key highlight of the HOST eLearning Platform is its use of familiar terminology drawn from traditional education methods. All the Features of the Mindhosts Web & Mobile Applications are named intuitively, aligning with terminology commonly used by educators and administrators. This approach enhances user comprehension and reduces the learning curve, enabling seamless adoption of the platform.

  • Groups denoting Classes, Groups in junior colleges, Branches and Subjects in Institutes of Under-graduate and Higher Learning.
  • Staf denoting Teachers, Lecturers, Trainers, and University Faculties namely Asst. Professors, Professors etc.,
  • Students a term universally accepted for all learners.
  • Study Material (Contactless digitized content delivery) used as a general term that indicates Text Books, Reference Books, Lesson Plans, Learning Outcomes etc.,
  • Assignments used to share Home-work, Exercises and all content that provides additional practice for the students to acquire and gain greater depth in the subject to bring better clarity in the concepts.
  • Lecture Streams has been included as a prominent feature with a comprehensive array of options; to share recorded Face to Face sessions for remote learning, Recorded Online Classes for access anytime from anywhere and to share the globally accessible links of Video-streams in the public domain or self-learning videos (Video Repository) to provide greater exposure to the students.
  • Online Classes is the game changer around which the whole concept of the HOST eLearning Platform has been built. The digital transformation from the traditional methods of education to Hybrid method has taken the shape of Mindhosts Web and Mobile Applications only to add an additional provision or option for all the stake holders to impart teaching through.  Online Classes. Mindhosts is the first eLearning Platform to have integrated the feature of Online Classes (with a third-party application) where the teacher can connect with their students through the click of a button.
  • The Quizzes feature plays a crucial role in keeping the students connected with the teacher. The teacher can share a few questions immediately at the end of each class as a document or image or even a video link of an examination to be later included in the Formative Assessment of the student and it holds as a key factor of assessment in interactive learning. These Quizzes conducted on a regular basis can be added to assessing the students at the end of the annual academic session. The quizzes are followed by Report Generation simultaneously thus turning this feature into a prime motivator for all the students.
  • Doubt Clarification is a unique feature that ensures the growth of both the trainer and the learner where ‘Doubts’ are not student-specific, but class-specific. It enables improved interactivity between the trainer and the learner. The student can post a doubt on the basic Concept, Application or Diagram or figure selecting the latest class taught.
  • Profile: All the users (Admin, Staff and students are provided with the option of viewing and appending their credentials through the profile feature.

Comprehensive User Guidance:

  • To support users, especially those new to eLearning technology, the HOST platform offers a comprehensive “Take a Tour” feature.
  • This guided tour walks users through every aspect of the platform, providing clear explanations of features, their uses, advantages, and limitations.
  • Users can familiarize themselves with the platform at their own pace, ensuring confidence and proficiency in its use.

Accessibility Across Devices:

  • The HOST eLearning Platform is accessible across a range of devices, including web and mobile (Android & iOS) applications.
  • Users can seamlessly transition between devices, ensuring flexibility and convenience in accessing educational resources.
  • Compatibility with both smartphones and computers accommodates diverse user preferences and technological capabilities.

The HOST eLearning Platform by Mindhosts represents a paradigm shift in education administration. By prioritizing simplicity, familiar terminology, and comprehensive user guidance, the platform empowers all the stakeholders (headmasters, teachers, students, administrators, and all administrative staff) to embrace eLearning with confidence. Its user-friendly design and accessibility across devices ensure that all stakeholders can harness the benefits of technology in education, regardless of their technological proficiency. As the educational landscape continues to evolve, platforms like HOST pave the way for inclusivity and innovation in learning environments.

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